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Salt&Light: Inspirational Stories of Faith in Families

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By Salt&Light

While family life may give us some of our most memorable and joyful moments, it can also take us on perplexing and heartbreaking journeys.

In Salt&Light: Inspirational Stories of Faith in Families, find encouragement as you read about the 14-year-old homeless youth who grew up to help other rough sleepers; the television actress who almost gave up on love until God honoured her wait with the love of her life; a girl who wished to die when she lost her fiancé to a car crash but was nursed back to life by God’s promises; a 3-year-old daughter who lost her father to SARS but grew up to encourage others through COVID.

These 34 true-life accounts show that unvarnished reality and hope can exist side by side. Draw inspiration so that you, too, may experience life-giving faith in every season of your life, even through times of testing.